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Ultrasonic Equipment and Technology Laboratory

Vladimir O. Abramov

Head of Laboratory, Dr. of Sciences (Engineering)

Pilot production of experimental units of ultrasound equipment has been created. The creation of this technological infrastructure allowed developing the scientific foundations for the following technologies in the period from 2013 to 2016:

  • sonochemical technology to restore the productivity of oil wells.
  • sol-gel technology to produce nanoparticles on the surface of medical bactericidal textiles.
  • sonoplasmic technology for industrial wastewater treatment.

A technology for restoring the productivity of oil wells with a horizontal end was developed. It was based on a combination of acoustic and reagent methods of influencing the bottom-hole formation zone, as well as on conducting controlled depression–repression cycles in the perforation zone of the horizontal section of the well. The combination of ultrasonic and reagent treatment due to the synergistic effect reduces the time of the operation and contributes to selectively process only oil-bearing interlayers determined preventively using geophysical studies. In addition, the equipment required for the implementation of this technology can be delivered to the horizontal barrel using a mini-tubing installation. This approach is unique and is unrivaled throughout the world. A significant number of oil wells were processed, using the sonochemical technology developed.

  1. Vadim M. Bayazitov    Senior Researcher, Ph.D. (Engineering)
  2. Yuri I. Voitov    Leading Technologist
  3. Anna V. Kamler    Senior Researcher, Ph.D. (Engineering)
  4. Marat S. Mullakaev    Leding Researcher, Dr. of Sciences (Engineering)
  5. Roman V. Nikonov    Junior Researcher
  6. Oleg I. Pokrovsky    Senior Researcher, Ph.D. (Chemistry)
  7. Igor S. Fedulov Junior Researcher
  8. Irina N. Rostovshchikova       Senior Researcher, Ph.D. (Biology)
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V.O. Abramov – Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation for the development of new generation of ultrasonic equipment for receiving and processing parts and components of transport engineering (2007)

Business contracts

  • 02/17. Analysis of antibacterial properties of tissue samples with different nanocoatings obtained during experiments (2017)
  • 01/15. Studies into distribution of acoustic fields in porous media near oil wells of various profiles (2015)
  • 9/14. Theoretical feature studies of plasma discharge in cavitating fluid (2014)
  • 5/13. Research into the issues of efficiency and reliability of ultrasonic and electro-hydraulic well equipment (2013)
  • Viatech Ltd (Moscow)
  • InfoMedPharm Dialog Ltd (Moscow)
  • Moscow State University (Moscow)
  • Gitsu Institute of Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnologies. Academy of Sciences of Moldova (Republic of Moldova)
  • Coventry University (UK)