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Magnetic Materials Laboratory

Nikolay N. Efimov

Head of Laboratory, Ph.D. (Chemistry)

  • Streamlined synthesis and research into heteroleptic coordination compounds of lanthanides with various framework-forming ligands as effective molecular magnets.
  • Synthesis and study of new magnetic materials, such as solid solutions based on ferro-, ferri- and antiferromagnetic spinel phases ACr2X4 (A = Fe, Co, Cu, Zn). Research into the electronic structure of d-block metal complexes (Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Pd, Pt, etc.) with various framework-forming ligands.
  • Development of physicochemical bases for the preparative separation of substance mixtures using supercritical fluids as well as methods for the synthesis of microparticles and nanomaterials by means of supercritical fluid technologies.

Methods for the synthesis of new lanthanide heteroleptic complexes were developed. A number of Dy(III), Er(III), and Yb(III) complexes was reported to exhibit characteristics of molecular magnetic materials that are typical for their class. The magnetic properties of continuous series of solid solutions, namely semiconductors in the systems of ferromagnet–ferrimagnet–antiferromagnet, including A1–xBxCr2S4 (A = Co, Fe, {Cu0.5Fe0.5}; B = Zn, {Cu0.5In0.5}, {Cu0.5Ga0.5}), were studied. The nature of magnetic transformations was identified; the existence regions of new magnetoactive phases were determined. The electronic and magnetic states of metal centers in the polynuclear complexes of 3d-metals (Mn, Fe, Co, Ni) were investigated. Methods to modify functional materials and separating substances from natural raw materials using SCF technologies were suggested.

  1. Elena V. Busheva Senior Researcher, Ph.D. (Chemistry)
  2. Andrey V. Gavrikov Senior Researcher, Ph.D. (Chemistry)
  3. Denis I. Kirdyankin Researcher, Ph.D. (Chemistry)
  4. Pavel S. Koroteev Senior Researcher, Ph.D. (Chemistry)
  5. Vadim V. Minin Head Researcher, Dr. of Sciences (Chemistry)
  6. Svetlana P. Petrosyants Leading Researcher, Dr. of Sciences (Chemistry)
  7. Lyudmila Yu. Spodobina Head Technologist
  8. Elena A. Ugolkova Senior Researcher, Ph.D. (Physics and Mathematics)
  9. Galina G. Shabunina Senior Researcher, Ph.D. (Chemistry)
  10. Olga G. Ellert Leading Researcher, Dr. of Sciences (Chemistry)
  11. Tatyana M. Ivanova Leading Researcher, Ph.D. (Chemistry)
  12. Aleksandr V. Rotov Senior Researcher, Ph.D. (Chemistry)
  13. Mikhail A. Zykin Researcher, Ph.D. (Chemistry)
  14. Konstantin A. Babeshkin Junior Researcher
  15. Pavel N. Vasil’ev Junior Researcher
  16. Aleksey G. Dedov Head Researcher, Academician of RAS
  17. Renad Z. Sagdeev Head Researcher, Academician of RAS
  18. Ekaterina V. Belova Leading Technologist

Postgraduate Students

  1. Konstantin A. Babeshkin
  2. Pavel N. Vasil’ev
  • V. Cherkashina, D.I. Kochubey, V.V. Kanazhevskiy, V.I. Zaikovskii, V.K. Ivanov, A.A. Markov, A.P. Klyagina, Z.V. Dobrokhotova, N.Y. Kozitsyna, I.B. Baranovsky, O.G. Ellert, N.N. Efimov, S.E. Nefedov, V.M. Novotortsev, M.N. Vargaftik, I.I. Moiseev. Platinum acetate blue: Synthesis and characterization // Inorganic Chemistry. 2014. V. 53. p. 8397–8406.
  • V. Gavrikov, N.N. Efimov, Zh.V. Dobrokhotova, A.B. Ilyukhin, P.N. Vasilyev, V.M. Novotortsev. Novel mononuclear Ln complexes with pyrazine-2-carboxylate and acetylacetonate co-ligands: remarkable Single Molecule Magnet behavior of Yb derivative // Dalton Transactions. 2017. V. 46. p. 11806–11816.
  • V. Gavrikov, P.S. Koroteev, N.N. Efimov, Zh.V. Dobrokhotova, A.B. Ilyukhin, A.K. Kostopoulos, A.M. Ariciu, V.M. Novotortsev. Novel mononuclear and 1D-polymeric derivatives of lanthanides and (η6-benzoic acid)tricarbonylchromium: synthesis, structure and magnetism // Dalton Transactions. 2017. V. 46. p. 3369–3380.
  • I. Pokrovskiy, K.B. Ustinovich, O.I. Usovich, O.O. Parenago, V.V. Lunin, D.V. Ovchinnikov, D.S. Kosyakov. A case of Z/E-isomers elution order inversion caused by cosolvent percentage change in supercritical fluid chromatography // Journal of Chromatography A. 2017. V. 1479. p. 177–184.
  • S. Koroteev, Z.V. Dobrokhotova, A.B. Ilyukhin, N.N. Efimov, M. Rouzières, M.A. Kiskin, R. Clérac, V.M. Novotortsev. Synthesis, structure, and physical properties of new rare earth ferrocenoylacetonates // Dalton Transactions. 2016. V. 45. p. 6405–6417.
  • M. Vorobei, O.I. Pokrovskiy, K.B. Ustinovich, O.O. Parenago, S.V. Savilov, V.V. Lunin, V.M. Novotortsev. Preparation of polymer – multi-walled carbon nanotube composites with enhanced mechanical properties using supercritical antisolvent precipitation // Polymer. 2016. V. 95. p. 77–81.
  • A. Pavlov, Y.V. Nelyubina, S.V. Kats, L.V.Penkova, N.N. Efimov, A.O. Dmitrienko A.V. Vologzhanina, A.S. Belov, Y.Z. Voloshin, V.V. Novikov. Polymorphism in a cobalt-based single-ion magnet tuning its barrier to magnetization relaxation // Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 2016. V. 7. p. 4111–4116.
  • M. Ivanova, A.G. Kochur, K.I. Maslakov, M.A. Kiskin, S.V. Savilov, V.V. Lunin, V.M. Novotortsev, I.L. Eremenko. XPS study of the electron structure of heterometallic trinuclear complexes Fe2M(μ3-O)(μ-Piv)6(HPiv)3 (M = Mn, Co, Ni) // Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena. 2015. V. 205. p. 1–5.
  • P. Petrosyants, Zh.V. Dobrokhotova, A.B. Ilyukhin, V.M. Novotortsev. Supramolecular aggregation of yttrium thiocyanate with 4,4′-bipyridine // New Journal of Chemistry. 2014. V. 38. p. 3803–3812.
  • G. Aminov, D.I. Kirdyankin, G.G. Shabunina, V.M. Novotortsev. The study of magnetic phase diagram of Fe1–xZnxCr2S4 solid solutions // Journal of Solid State Chemistry. 2013. V. 204. p. 123–127.
  • M. Novotortsev – N.S. Kurnakov Gold Medal for a series of works “Development of new classes of inorganic magnetic materials, methods for directed construction of their physicochemical characteristics at the molecular level, and methods for their diagnosis” (2015), Prize of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in technical sciences for outstanding results obtained in the course of joint research on the cycle of works “Materials and film heterostructures for spintronics and magnonics devices” (2015)
  • M. Novotortsev, S.F. Marenkin, I.V. Fedorchenko – Prize of the Russian and Polish Academies of Sciences for the cycle of joint work “Development of physicochemical foundations of technology for new materials for spintronics” (2014)
  • M. Novotortsev, T.G. Aminov, G.G. Shabunina, O.G. Ellert – MAIK Science/Interperiodica Award for the best publication in the journals published by the company (2013)
  • N. Efimov, A.V. Gavrikov – Laureates of Academician Yu.A. Buslaev Competition of Scientific Works in the field of coordination chemistry and fluoride chemistry for the work “Magnetic behavior of carboxylate and β-diketonate derivatives of lanthanides containing stable organometallic fragments as part of the framework-forming ligand” (2016)
  • N. Efimov, A.V. Gavrikov – RAS Medal with Awards for Young Scientists of Russia in the field of general and technical chemistry for the series of works “Directed synthesis of rare earth complexes as molecular magnetics and effective precursors of oxide functional materials” (2017)

Grants of the Russian Science Foundation

  • 17-73-20377. Selectivity control in supercritical fluid technologies for separation of mixtures of substances to isolate pharmaceutical and food ingredients (2017–2020)
  • 17-13-01424. Promising cathode materials based on complex transition metal oxides for lithium-ion batteries with high energy density (2017–2019)
  • 16-13-10407. Synthesis, structure, thermolysis, luminescent, and magnetic properties of new complexes based on REE and their combinations with 3d-metals and/or organic fragments (2016–2018)
  • 14-13-00938. Development of physicochemical foundations for preparation of new molecular and ceramic magnetic materials based on lanthanide compounds (2014–2018)

Grants of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research

  • 12-03-00971. Study into electronic and spatial structure of mono- and polynuclear complexes of 3d-metals with mono- and dicarboxylic acids by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (2012–2014)
  • 09-03-00645. Synthesis and study into properties of magnetic nanoparticles in semiconductor diamond-like matrices of type A(I)B(III)C(VI)2 obtained by introducing transition metal atoms (Fe, Cr, Mn, etc.) into the crystal lattice of diamagnetic materials (2009–2011)
  • Enikolopov institute of synthetic polymeric materials RAS (Moscow)
  • Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds RAS (Moscow)
  • Ioffe Physical Technical Institute RAS (St. Petersburg)
  • Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (Zhukovsky, Moscow region)
  • Moscow State University (Moscow)
  • Altai State University (Barnaul)
  • Voronezh State University (Voronezh)
  • Kazan (Volga region) Federal University (Kazan)
  • Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov (Arkhangelsk)
  • Southern Federal University (Rostov-on-Don)
  • Odessa Mechnikov National University (Ukraine)
  • University of Manchester (UK)
  • University of Bordeaux (France)
  • Umeå University (Sweden)