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Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry

Editor-in-Chief –Academician of RAS N.T. Kuznetsov. Monthly periodical; published since 1956. The issues discussed in the Journal include synthesis and properties of inorganic compounds, coordination compounds, high-temperature superconductors, physicochemical analysis of inorganic systems, physical research methods, and physical chemistry of solutions.

Russian Journal of Coordination Chemistry

Editor-in-Chief –Academician of RAS I.L. Eremenko. Founded in 1975, Russian Journal of Coordination Chemistry is currently one of the most famous chemical journals published in Russia. Articles, surveys, and communications published in the Journal cover all issues of theoretical and experimental coordination chemistry.

Inorganic Materials

Editor-in-Chief –Academician of RAS K.A. Solntsev. The Journal was founded in 1965. The problems of phase equilibria, including the P–T–X diagrams, as well as the main problems of the inorganic materials science, which determines the preparative conditions for the synthesis of compounds of different compositions with given deviations from stoichiometry, are discussed in the Journal.

Theoretical Foundations of Chemical Engineering

Editor-in-Chief – prof. N.N. Kulov. The journal was founded in 1967.
The subject of the journal includes transport phenomena; surface phenomena; mixture separation processes; theory and methods of calculating chemical reactors; combined processes and multifunctional reactors; hydromechanical, thermal, diffusion, chemical processes and apparatus; membrane processes and reactors; biotechnology; dispersed systems; nanotechnology; process intensification; information modeling and analysis; technical and economic analysis; energy and resource saving non-pollution processes and production.

Khimicheskaya technologia (Chemical Technology) [in Russian]

Editor-in-Chief –Academician of RAS A.I. Khol’kin. Since January 2000, the journal monthly publishes original articles about the results of the latest achievements in the field of chemical technology, current analytical surveys and the development forecast of chemical technology, as well as reviews of the most interesting scientific achievements and practical developments present in domestic and foreign publications, reporting about scientific conferences, symposia, and scientific and practical meetings in the field of chemical technology. “Khimicheskaya technologia” has been translated into English since January 2007 and is published by Pleiades Publishing, Ltd. as separate volumes as Appendix to the Journal of Theoretical Foundations of Chemical Engineering.